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  1. I want to know the best way to ask my 1st cousin to have sex with me with her not say no.she is 39 I’m 35. She is married and always been a goodie girl

  2. I was molested and forced to have sex with my 3 brothers and their friends when I was 18. They blackmailed with a video of me smoking pot. It has turned me into a freak. I love being forced to have sex but not all that other stuff. Drunk and being high sex rocks.

  3. Hi im pretty normal butt I love fucking my sister in her butt
    she teases me in her panties and I cant take my cock gets so big and ready for sister butt fucking so she doesn’t get pregnet.

  4. My wife seduced her two sons for sex with her after dinner.
    She had planned it for weeks, and talked to me about it every night for weeks !
    She was so excited as they n arrived one by one.
    Her dinner was prepared with perfection, she had dressed with her seductive evening in mind.
    The music was perfect, the lights were dimmed, and I must admit I was excited to see her put her plan in action.
    As the evening unfolded, I sat back and watched my two stepsons ravage their mother’s sexy beautiful body into the night.
    Nothing could begin to describe how hot this very amazing night was.

  5. Looking for a ‘daddy’ to love me right….real experience to share. @gg1el0ugray @gmail (all letters)

  6. Looking for a mommy or big sister to seduce me. Sexting and video Chat are what I’m looking for first. Then maybe meet up if we can.

  7. Hi, my name is John, i am single and 40 and looking for a mature female who is intereate in incest chat, i

  8. Hi, my name is John, i am single and 40 and looking for a mature female who is intereate in incest chat.

  9. I’ve been married for about 14 years my wife and my mother started having sex hit their kids when the kid hit the age of 18my mother introduced me to my first piece pussy she was great I guess it all started when I saw her taking a bath and I got my first direction around her that was when I was about 16 years old I started fantasizing about my mother and how you would be with her when I turned the age of 18 on my birthday my mom threw me a private birthday party she was in the kitchen making drinks just wearing the apron and another cup her body child brunette 59 hundred and twenty nine pounds shapely hips and you was to ruin it top and bottom I found that by watching her in the shower and about thoseand the funny thing is she had the best looking set of tits I have ever seen in my entire life to her today she still has I’m nice body and I still occasionally like to play with her even though I don’t live in the same town as herwell so precise is 36 d chest they still stand straight out and I still get excited just thinking about her as far as my wife goes he’s 58 hundred and sixty pounds blonde top and bottom sheintroduced her body to the two boysI got to stand there in the room and watch her take both boys both boys ravaged her body and she hello least 4 orgasms between the two boys that night and she had more fun but the kids and she she said that she ever had in her whole entire life and she do it again as soon as the boys got out of college as a college gift

  10. Mom and I started having sex when I was 15. Happened the 1st time when my dad was gone. Mom and I argued, so I stormed out. She ran after me. Convinced me to come back inside. I came in and she just hugged me tight. I couldn’t help but put my hands on her ass. Her tits pressed against me turned me on. She pulled back and led me by the hand to her room. She sat me on the bed and pushed me back. Then she unzipped my pants and wasted no time going down on my cock. I couldn’t believe what was happening. But loved it! She made me cum all over her chest, as she smiled at me. Been going at it ever since!

  11. I am looking for real females with experience in Texas to talk with. KIK me if your one at morphis8182

  12. Hi everyone I’m 25/m and I love to chat about incest I have always wanted to do my mom and I LOVE talking dirty about her!;) I would love to chat with some kinky and perverted women but men are also welcome kik me:) jaysfan0420

  13. Hi. I love to chat about incest it gets me really turned on. I would love to do my mom and I LOVE talking dirty about her!;) I would love to chat with some kinky and perverted women but men are also welcome so kik me and lets chat:) jaysfan0420

  14. Hey I’m 18 my sister and I started having sex when I was 15 when she found a camera I put in her room to film her getting changed. She saw the camera and filmed herself fingering herself and at the end said if you want this pussy come to my room when your done watching. When I got into her room she was laying in her bed with nothing but a thing she said rip it off and fuck me so I did and we have been fucking Eachother as well as my aunt and cousin for 3 years

  15. I love imagining fucking my moms wet juicy pussy begging me to fuck her harder till she cumms. If your interested in role-playing or sharing fantasies message me. I’ll be waiting for my mommy to come take care of this hard dick. I’m ready to unload. [email protected]

  16. Looking for an older male with experience with both young girls and boys. Am looking for a “daddy” who enjoys the perks of family love. Online tonight. Looking forward to hearing from y’all.

  17. I was once a 13 year old boy’s birthday present at a nudist camp. It was his mom’s idea. Any ladies out there done the same thing? Write “[email protected]

    THanks and lot’s of kisses!

  18. I love reading stories about incest and watching incest porn I wish there was a brother and sister that would let me watch them fuck or mom and son that would be awesome

  19. Me and my sister fooled about at home when we was yngr she was 9 and I was 13 the 1st time we still do some times she’s married now and 48

  20. Have had liasons with several female family members and don’t regret a bit; neither do they. I enjoy relating experiences with both males and females. Non-aggressive, not a stalker, and only desire to hear what anyone is comfortable with and willing to share. [email protected] – Give a holler-mention this website and I’ll add you to my friend’s list!

  21. i want to watch my little sister get fucked. Hit me up on aim if interested. My screen name is Xaddann

  22. I want to watch my little sister get fucked. Hit me up on aim if interested. Screenname is Xaddann

  23. My first sexual experience was with my sister . Don’t know if I am proud of it but I would like it to happen again

  24. Hi all πŸ™‚
    Im Anna, 33 yo old with a bf 31 yo. WeΒ΄re having sex with my parents, and some young ones/other families…Interested in sharing exp or just interested hearing about us, write us and email and tell a little of ur self: [email protected]

  25. Anyone up to talk about brother sister incest or any kind i have real stories and pics of me and my sis if interested add me to kik curtay69

  26. Hello guys , I’m active with my mom for real and we are living well love each other , if anybody here with his mom for real sex chat online ( only moms sons rules ) and only real online chat we will do the same also if you are near we will do swapping moms sons if that ok , leave comment here and let me know , thanks for all , best regards

  27. Perverted pedo male 42 y.o. from Russia. I’m looking for perverse, perverted and lascivious pedo females 10 – 50 y.o. without taboos, dirty whores without morality who able to often give birth for to create perverted incest family. I want to have Sex Wife for himself and Sex Mom for our kids. I want my wife and our daughters engaged prostitution and acted in porno.
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  28. I love the true stories! Gets me so hard n horny. I’m 33. When I was a teen my parents had some nice sex toys n I licked them clean. I wanted my mom so bad! I loved looking at her naked pix my dad took. I’m getting hard thinking of her huge fat floppy tittys! Mmmmm. Message me [email protected]

  29. Hi i am Alex
    I get hard every time i see my aunt.
    She is about 38 n now not maried.
    She is in her bra at her home when it is hot and that is very hot.
    N also i would love to fuck my cousin sister
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  30. i like to see family members having fun!!! if you have a little secret and wanna share it with someone add my skyp > zimzim4444
    i have stuff i can also share with you …. thanks all

  31. If someone really wants to exchange their experiences, with me, let me looking at SKYPE
    aleksandar.varadjan is my skype
    a and doughter of my old brother

  32. love incest, have enjoyed my own and joined in with others familys. would like to find others who be willing to share thiers kik openminded66

  33. Anyone in here ever had a hot neice they wanted to fuck because i do it takes everything i have not to grab her ass an squeeze it when she bends over in front of me

  34. Hi I’m Britney I have been involved in incest in the past .Loooking for older man or incest family .I’m willing to travel for the right person or family .

  35. I had sex with my sister ,cousins and niece. If any female want to chat on role play of brother ,uncle or dad knock me on kik -Tanjim007

  36. would like to share my true story of the hottest most cum i have ever shot
    in a nite its been years since i filled my sister with loads of cum think about the hottest pussy i have ever had my wife lets me fuck her and pretend that i am getting ready to pump cum in her. she knows because when we first married i would wake hard dreaming of fucking sis. i would pump my cock hard in my wife Moaning my sisters name as my wife was filled with hot cum meant for my sisters tight wet and hottest pussy i wish my cock was still pumping

  37. I was raised in a nudist camp where I was taught at an early age to eat pussy and suck cock…I love doing it all…I am looking to meet other girls with incest experiences that want to continue the past.

  38. Hi ladies I’m looking to chat about your incest stories my kik is masterdissaster thanks xoxo

  39. I am a 70 year old bi granddad. I had a lot op experience with my dad and mom in my early days I still miss it
    Can I be of help to someone to be his/her dad or granddad

  40. I’ll play any incest but prefer dad daughter uncle young niece have real experience with mom sis nieces, young tho taboo and want females proffered but will chat trade stories and info about younger incest experience

  41. Hi, 26/m. Have had hot sex escapades with my 42 years old aunt, in fact she got pregnant. But my true passion is mom/ son love. Id love to exchange chat, stories, experiences with a real mom. Mons only poease.

    Write to me at [email protected]

  42. I’m in to my little sister and step mom. we have a lot of fun playing with each other. mom likes to hold my sister down and watch me get at her.anyone in to this want to talk?

  43. So my mom and I are planning on having sex together for the first time we are both adults so its all good. Does anyone have some advice?

  44. I want to share my years of experience of incest, as well as images
    if someone wants to let me know on skype
    my SKYPE is

  45. I want to share my years of experience of incest, as well as images
    if someone wants to let me know on skype
    my SKYPE is
    pozdrav svima koliko vas ima

    i was mother incest i was fuck mother now iam very happpy .i am ajust now married and my wife also consive so mother sex is best and HEALTHY.


    AND Mr.andrews dont worry if you talk mother incest pl contact my mail id

  47. well lot of nice girls n guys here
    for me i belive loving blood relation is a true love that feeling amazing
    even to imagining own mom sis daughter is passionable n full of love
    ladies n gals if you have yahoo id can add me at jazzzking

  48. so this site can ban a person if they just don’t like you but they can post 10 yr old girls and allow little girls to pick up “dads”? And they let them do that…. Really ????????/ maybe it should be investigated because apparently the moderators only want their own here and what they want.

  49. Honey,

    I’ll b daddy for you get a hold of me at

    [email protected]

    kik Henchmen1

    but use the name honey or I will probably ignore it. I’ll play anything u want no taboos, or restrictions, I have had actual incest with mom, sisters, niece’s, and, would like to role play, as that’s all that’s possible for me as I live a thousand miles from them now, this applies to any female that would like to incest chat or role play. Tell me what you want or I’ll ignore the conversation to many cam girls on kik.

  50. Hello

    My name is Chrissie and I’m 32. My Sexy man is Joe and he’s 49. Our sex life is absolutely amazing and Joe has had sex with his mother who is now 75. Any ideas on how to seduce her for a 3 some1? It has been 3 years since he fucked her what should we do to get her in the mood?

  51. I’m looking for FEMALE roleplay partners to play my mom, aunt, grandmother, daughter, niece, granddaughter, sister and/or cousin. Basically any role. I like to include age play, breeding, some Dom/sub. My only limits is NO males, animals or pee/poop. I have no limits on age play. Can do para and detailed RP.

    E-Mail: [email protected]
    FetLife, KIK & Yahoo: kinkyjohn82

  52. If any girl want to role play on dad ,brother thn kik me @ tanjim007. I m ready play as dad ,brother, uncel or anyone in family

  53. Any women in las vegas,nv into incest relationship, maybe is involved in now and want to add an outsider to. Message me on kik hockeyfaninvegas

  54. I love incest. I am in need of some sexy incest chat on kik and maybe get some vids or pics of thw action. Hit me up. Kik is punchbot.

  55. Single male in Canada.

    Started show and tell with my step sister as kids at the cottage.

    Now we are grown up and I love her to call me Daddy

    Join us on Yahoo Mess: jebrib22

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